In March we released our inaugural DataVisor Online Fraud Report, which took a look at our base of more than one billion users across 172+ countries in the world, and fulfilled its mission of arming fraud fighters like our customers with some new intel on how bad actors conduct attacks. Using this massive amount of data, we were able to identify some of the favorite tools and attack techniques that online criminals from around the globe favor when doing their dirty work. We wanted a peek in their tool shed, and we got it.

Below you’ll find a new infographic highlighting the tools fraudsters use to build their armies of attackers. From their email addresses to their use of cloud services, we know what they are doing when they are DIY-ing an attack. Check out the full breakdown below, and be sure to download our DataVisor Online Fraud Report, for some additional insight into why the fraudsters choose the tools that they do, and what you can do about it.

OFR Infographic FINAL

Download our DataVisor Online Fraud Report here.

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