Webinar Recording

User Acquisition Fraud: The Latest Trends and Techniques

As mobile marketers shift their user acquisition focus from installs to engagement, fraudsters are changing their tactics to follow the money. Want to learn about the latest trends and techniques used by fraudsters? In this webinar recording, Kohki Yamaguchi, product manager at DataVisor, shared the recent findings from our latest DataVisor Threat Labs report where we analyzed data from our Global Intelligence Network consisting of more than 491 ad networks, 140 million app installs and 11 billion user events.

Key Findings:

  1. 5.3% of app installs from non-premium ad networks are fraudulent
  2. Fraud rates fluctuate over time by more than 50% within an ad network
  3. 84% of fraudulent installs generated at least one in-app event after downloading
  4. 29% of fraudulent installs have Day 2 retention, 18% have Day 7 retention

Watch the Webinar Recording:

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